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MetaMask: The crypto wallet for Defi, Web3 Dapps and NFTs

The crypto wallet for Defi, Web3 Dapps and NFTs | MetaMask

Buy, store, send and swap tokens. Available as a browser extension and as a mobile app, MetaMask equips you with a key vault, secure login, token wallet, …

A safe crypto wallet for digital tokens & NFTs. Join the blockchain and DeFi world.


MetaMask – Chrome Webshop

MetaMask is an extension for accessing Ethereum enabled distributed applications, or “Dapps” in your browser! The extension injects the Ethereum web3 API …

En Ethereum-pung i din browser

MetaMask – Blockchain Wallet – Apps on Google Play

Whether you are an experienced user or brand new to blockchain, MetaMask helps you connect to the decentralized web: a new internet.

A secure wallet & gateway to blockchain sites

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NFT: From Zero to Hero – Side 125 – Resultat for Google Books

NFT: From Zero to Hero – Anndy Lian – Google Bøker

From the beginning of 2020, everybody's talking about Web 3.0 and the metaverse, where even Facebook changed its company’s name to Meta. The reason is simple – the fundamental aspect is NFTs.The digital age comes with its own lexicon, a bewildering array of buzz words and acronyms designed to confuse as much as they are to inform. Many new terms have found their way into our everyday vocabularies, although the meanings often get confused and blurred.You must be a person who is both curious about the world and has read many news articles about NFTs. However, I guess these articles were not able to answer all your questions, and you want to know how best to start your NFT journey.- Why would someone be willing to pay millions of dollars for a PFP (profile picture)? What’s the value behind it?- Many actors and singers have also released their own NFTs. However, the price quickly dropped by half after their launch. What's going on?- Nike, Adidas, Gucci, Hermès— it seems that big companies globally are entering the NFT market but how do we differentiate those seriously deploying from those just trying to take a cut from the hype?- According to statistics, in the first quarter of 2022, the transaction volume of NFTs reached $26 billion, exceeding the whole of 2021. However, another set of data tells you that the NFT market is down by 92%. Who should we trust? Is NFT the future, or is it just a bubble?We can see that the NFT market is on fire, but it also comes with a lot of chaos. This is the task I want to accomplish in this book: I will help you to discover the essence of NFTs below the surface of hype and chaos, as well as teach you how to master NFT step by step.8,000 copies of the book have already been sold on Bybit NFT Marketplace on 15 August 2022. With a total trading value of more than $186,000 currently.Start from Zero to become an NFT Hero with my book. Let’s dive into the NFT world together!

Cryptocurrency All-in-One For Dummies

Cryptocurrency All-in-One For Dummies – Kiana Danial, Tiana Laurence, Peter Kent, Tyler Bain, Michael G. Solomon – Google Bøker

Learn the skills to get in on the crypto craze The world of cryptocurrency includes some of the coolest technologies and most lucrative investments available today. And you can jump right into the middle of the action with Cryptocurrency All-in-One For Dummies, a collection of simple and straightforward resources that will get you up to speed on cryptocurrency investing and mining, blockchain, Bitcoin, and Ethereum. Stop scouring a million different places on the web and settle in with this one-stop compilation of up-to-date and reliable info on what’s been called the “21st century gold rush.” So, whether you’re just looking for some fundamental knowledge about how cryptocurrency works, or you’re ready to put some money into the markets, you’ll find what you need in one of the five specially curated resources included in this book. Cryptocurrency All-in-One For Dummies will help you: Gain an understanding of how cryptocurrency works and the blockchain technologies that power cryptocurrency Find out if you’re ready to invest in the cryptocurrency market and how to make smart decisions with your cash Build a cryptocurrency mining rig out of optimized and specifically chosen computing hardware Dive into the details of leading cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum Perfect for anyone curious and excited about the potential that’s been unlocked by the latest in cryptocurrency tech, this book will give you the foundation you need to become a savvy cryptocurrency consumer, investor, or miner before you know it.

Proceedings of International Conference on Recent Trends in …

Proceedings of International Conference on Recent Trends in Computing: ICRTC … – Google Bøker

This book is a collection of high-quality peer-reviewed research papers presented at International Conference on Recent Trends in Computing (ICRTC 2021) held at SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Ghaziabad, Delhi, India, during 4 – 5 June 2021. The book discusses a wide variety of industrial, engineering and scientific applications of the emerging techniques. The book presents original works from researchers from academic and industry in the field of networking, security, big data and the Internet of things.

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